Pedestrian Safety Lights

40% of all forklift accidents involve a pedestrian. Ensure pedestrians safety from forklifts with our range of pedestrian safety lights as follows:

Blue LED light

The innovative Blue spot blue forklift light helps avoid forklift and pedestrian collisions. The Blue Spot Warning Light alerts pedestrians and other vehicles of forklifts approaching blind corners, cross aisles and exiting semi-trailers. The Blue Spot LED light projects an intense blue spotlight 16 to 24 feet in advance of the forklift to alert others of oncoming traffic. The bright light spot on the floor is clearly visible to pedestrians, machines and vehicles in the area, regardless of the ambient noise, alerting them to the nearby presence of the forklift. Traditional audio back up alarms can blend into ambient noise in the building and pedestrians can become immune to the audio warning.

Halo LED Light
Stay at safe distance away from the forklift with the Red Zone Warning Light. The Red Zone puts a bright red line on the floor, near the forklift, to show pedestrians where they are not allowed. This zone can also be called the HALO zone and can be adjusted to the distance of your choice. The Red Zone helps prevent foot injuries and collisions from rear end swing, as well as, showing the NO GO ZONE around any piece of mobile equipment.