Audio Visual Signaling

About This Product

Myport offers a wide selection of audio-visual warning devices including sirens, bells, airhorns, sounders, beacons and a comprehensive range of audio-visual combination units.Our sounder beacons and combination units consist of an audible sounder and visual indicator in one unit providing a dual function warning device.


Our range of sounder beacons and audio-visual signals for safe areas includes Asserta units, Nexus Xenon beacons, rotating beacons, electronic beacons and yodalights. We also supply explosion proof and intrinsically safe combination units suitable for use in hazardous areas as well as marine approved products.


Our devices are suitable for fire, marine, hazardous area, offshore, industrial, agricultural and commercial markets


APSK Air horn

High Output Industrial Air horn

AP Air horn

125 DB(A) Industrial Air horn


Hootronic HA121 Sounder

Hootronic HMA121 Marine Sounder

AHES Hooter


Mono 72

Motorised Siren

K-SML05 Disaster Warning Siren

GP6 Siren


STExS1F Alarm Horn Sounder

YO4 Sounder

100 db(A) Sounder

Nexus 110 Sounder

Automotive & Buses, Construction, Mining, Ports