Battery Cut Off Switch

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Battery Cut off Switch

My port is the authorised distributors of the Littelfuse/ Cole Hersee brand of products in India.

Cole Hersee is a leading manufacturer of electromechnical, electronic and digital switches and connectors, designing dependable products for a broad range of vehicles since 1924.Cole Hersee is now part of littel fuse since 2010.

Cole Hersee has been a pioneer and leader in the development of heavy-duty electrical products for the vehicle industry, and has earned a reputation for quality and value . Cole Hersee collaborated on many basic industry standards and today is a preferred supplier of over 2000 dependable vehicle products and accessories. Cole Hersee products are available as standard or custom designed products to meet customer needs, and is ISO 9001 : 2008- certified.

Battery Management

Battery management products are electro mechanical switches that are particularly designed to control the high currents associated with power circuits, and digital switches like LVD’S that conserve battery power.

sealed master disconnect 300A.

Low voltage disconnect

Low voltage disconnect switch 125A

Master Disconnect Switch


Solenoids are relays, a kind of convenient remote switch. They can switch a high current load using a regular switch in the control circuit.

Soleniods of all types continuous intermittent insulated

F-bracket insulated

pvc coated for added protection solenoids

Circuit Protection

Circuit protection devices that shut circuits down when a dangerous overload occurs.We have wiring accessories of all kinds, including blocks and busbars.

Ignition Switches

Ignition switches use a key as the actuator, but lever actuator switches are also available. Anti-restart type switches make it impossible for a vehicle operator to try to restart the vehicle when the engine is running, thus protecting the ignition system.

95060- sealed  key switch all confirgurations

95060- sealed key switch all confirgurations

95610 ignition switch 3-position

95610 ignition switch 3-position

Toggles & Rockers

Toggles & Rockers are convenient because they fit a standard round hole in a panel, that is easy to drill.

Sealed Rocker Switches

55025A Sealed Series – toggle

25 A Toggle Switches

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