Driver Fatigue Monitoring System

Driver Fatigue Monitoring System is designed to accurately predict and identify situations where drowsiness and fatigue may be setting into a driver,Thereby it helps in preventing accidents and fatalities.

About This Product

Driver Fatigue Monitoring System is designed not only to accurately predict and identify situations where drowsiness and fatigue may be setting into a driver, but also to alert those drivers so that they can pull over to the side of the road and take other necessary steps to insure their general safety along with safety of other drivers.

The most important function of driver fatigue monitor, is to let the drivers understand they are actually in fatigue driving and raise their alertness level. Once the monitor detects the driver is drowsy, it will send a warning immediately to the driver.

Our aim is to reduce as many as accidents & let every driver can able to drive safely. With the help of renowned company care drive’s driver fatigue monitoring system, we can able to provide safety & can able to gain the trust and support from various clients. We are an exclusive distributor of Care drive Fatigue Monitoring System. Which always insists independent development and customer-oriented management system, through which we can able to maintain our quality standards.

Version of driver fatigue monitoring system Availabel:

– Civil standard version

– Professional version

– MR688-RS232 Version       

Our Driver fatigue Monitoring System is

-The world’s only small size Driver fatigue Monitor that works around the clock.

– Worldwide patent.

– Advanced face recognition and patented pupil detection technology, driver fatigue can be predicted and warned immediately.

– Easy to install and adjust, suit for all vehicles.

– With signal output for fleet management system.

What is fatigue driving

Fatigue driving means a phenomenon where in long hours continuous driving, the drivers’ mental and physiological functions get disturbed, and drivers become eyes fuzzy and slow in reaction.

Fatigue driving has negative affects to drivers’ attention, feeling, consciousness, thinking, judgment, decision and movement.

Driving fatigue is not a disease, but a physical self-protective reaction.


  • Car,Trucks & Buses
  • Mining Industry
  • Airports
  • Army Vehicles
  • Railways/Metros
  • Oil Companies
  • Aviations


  • Non-contact mode detection.
  • Work all around the day.
  • Distinguish real doze or untrue sleep, effectively reduce false warning.
  • Early warning for drowsy status.
  • Detect sleeping with eyes open.
  • Detect sudden sleep.
  • Detect mindlessness and scatterbrained.
  • Can be used by people with glasses or sunglasses.
  • Small size and beautiful outterlook, easy to be installed and adjusted.
  • GPS vehicle fleet management system

–  Integration of both immediate warnings to the driver & fleet management.


-The data relating to fatigue events can be stored on an on-board memory stick for later analysis, or the data can be directly sent from the device to a GPRS communication system to provide real-time warnings when fatigue could present a safety risk.


– This function can be greatly used to enhance the enterprise management   efficiency, protect driver’s life and safety, reduce operation cost and production safety risk.

Technical specification

Product installation

  • Installation location: dashboard or instrument panel.
  • Fix the double-sided adhesive pad on the surface, then fix host stand on the non-slip magnet with double-sided adhesive pad.
  • Installation position should be within 20 degrees of eye view of driver’s normal driving sitting position.
  • Adjust the lens to face the driver.
  • The lens shouldn’t be higher than 15 degrees and shouldn’t be lower than 30 degrees towards driver’s face.
  • Insert the power adaptor into cigarette lighter case.

Sensitivity Settings

  • 4 levels sensitivity switches.
  • Different sensitivity level fits different drivers’ driving habits.
  • More experienced driver usually choose lower level sensitivity.
  • Usually for experienced drivers, they can disperse some attentions to other things while they are in sober driving, that won’t affect their driving safety.


Power supply

  • Power supply can operate from 8V to 32V, suitable for the vehicles with 12V and 24V batteries, and has good peak-voltage protection solution. It can work on the gas car with 24V battery, and can work on the diesel car with 12V battery as well.
  • It has with very low power consumption, under 12V battery supply, the average current is less than 100mA. Under 24V battery supply, the average current needed is only about 60mA. This is almost same as the battery’s self-leakage, and doesn’t consume any battery power.