Mobile Surveillance System(DVR)

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About This Product

Mobile DVR are compact, stylish, sophisticated, yet easy to install DVR specially designed for different vehicles like cars, ambulances, school buses, private/public transport buses, police patrol vehicles etc. with state of the  art features like built-in camera,MIC,G-sensor and external vehicle cameras,optional GPS tracking etc, an all-round vehicle security is achieved.


  • Compact design-does not affect the view of the driver
  • Management does not need to worry about their operation- they can monitor their vehicle & driver on their mobile or PC at anytime.
  • Real time monitoring of your video/audio, vehicle route/location, alarm etc.
  • Optional service SMS/email Alert for engine ON/OFF, route violation, fuel usage, over speed, ideal, pick up location, etc.
  • One stop solution for vehicle tracking & passenger security.
  • Built in behaviour sensor-can sense rash driving, drunken driving &sudden shock etc.
  • Emergency recording starts automatically- this data can’t go for recycle record mode.
  • User friendly client software helps in video footage recovery for viewing and analysis
  • Wide viewing angle can cover entire vehicle & road 1700/1200 approx.
  • Sd password recorded data can’t be formatted or played without formatted.
  • Playback information vehicle route, location, speed, driver behaviour, license plate number synchronized RT audio & video date/time-this can be used for audit trail application.
  • Mobile phone viewer supports recording & snap shoot.

Mobile DVR-Plug & Play – MDM0205


Mobile DVR-Plug & Play – MDM0102


Mobile DVR-Offline Tracking System – MDM0403



Mobile DVR-Online Tracking System – MDM0403G