Rear View Camera System

The Rear View Camera system capture the image of the vehicle, enabling the driver to look out for any pedestrian or obstacles before reversing .There by preventing accidents

About This Product

A Rear view Camera system is intended to aid the driver while reversing and avoid collision with any obstacle, vehicle or human being.


Our flexible camera and monitor combinations allow you to create the perfect system for your vehicles be it in mines, ports, construction site, airports or any road vehicles. With the wide range of latest technology monitors, cameras, accessories and cables, the options are endless .


My-vision range is packed full of premium product features, including touch control operation, all designed to satisfy the needs of all types of vehicles, dump truck, excavator, diesel tanker, shovel, dozers etc.

This will help prevent costly accidents, eliminate workplace injuries and save lives. Reversing the vehicle was never so easy!

All our camera systems are manufactured to the highest quality and performance standards, offer premium features and utilize the latest technology to deliver a reliable, crystal clear image. All systems provide rugged dependability backed by a hassle free one year warranty . Our line of LCD systems is one of the most durable and flexible camera offerings available allowing you to choose from a base kit and, if desired, expand it with additional camera and peripheral options.

The colour LCD Monitor can be used with upto 4 cameras, including a rear view camera. The monitor can also show images from multiple cameras at the same time (quad view ),as well as manual camera selection.


Wireless Rear View camera System:

In cases where it is not possible to fit a wired camera system, we also have an option of digital wireless camera system. For example in Trailer, long buses etc. The system being digital, means that it is interference free.

Salient Features Of Our Rear View Camera Systems

  • Rugged design capable of withstanding water ingress, dust ingress, and heavy vibrations.
  • Crystal clear image
  • Camera is water proof/ weather proof with night vision functionality.
  • IC’s used are of Industrial grade as against commercial grade used by competition
  • Industrial grade IC’s are much more stable than commercial grade IC’s
  • The system does not get affected by peak voltage.
  • Wired and wireless options available.

Rear  view Camera System Installation Service