Safety Mirrors

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Safety Mirrors

My port are proud to be the factory representatives for Ashtree Vision & Safety  in India.

Ashtree  is an award winning manufacturer and designer of vision and safety products that can be used in all types of vehicle and machine.

Ashtree Vision & Safety product range covers the following product groups:

Main Mirrors – Class II,III

Main mirrors are the large mirrors that the driver uses to view the road behind. They have a radius of curvature between 1200mm and 2000mm.

Interior Mirrors

Ashtree has developed a range of products that can be used as standard interior mirrors or as part of an effort to give operators better visibility behind and around vehicles and machines.

Safety Mirrors

Ashtree mirrors have helped with blind spot elimination on many different machines over a period of years. Used in conjunction with Ashtree mirrors arms they have proven effective in increasing operator visibility.

Mirror Arms

Ashtree mirrors arms are designed for different applications but they all have many different adjustment points so the mirror can be mounted in the optimum position for operator visibility.

Powered Adjustable Mirrors

Used in a variety of industries these mirrors can beneficial either when an operator can’t access the mirror or as a way of adjusting a mirror without having to get out of the cab.

Unbreakable Mirrors

The Ashtree range of unbreakable mirrors includes mirrors tested and approved for road going vehicles as well as safety mirrors for off highway use and material handling use.

Wide Angle Mirrors. Class IV, V and VI

Class IV mirrors are the drivers wide angle mirror. Class V mirrors are the over door, or kerb, mirror. Class VI mirrors are the front view, or over screen, mirror.

Heating Element

The Ashtree range of heating elements are designed to cover the largest possible range of heated mirrors currently in use. All elements are 24 volt

but 12 volt versions are also available in certain sizes.