Reverse Alarm

Smart Alarms eliminate the need for constant manual adjustment and help prevent intentional alarm disconnection.

About This Product

According to the Health and Safety data, one quarter of all workplace vehicle accidents are caused by reversing vehicles and, as such, reversing alarms are one of the most important and cost effective devices you can fit on your equipment.

We represent ECCO USA who are recognized world over as leaders in reverse/backup alarm.

We provide various choice of backup alarms that operate at 12 and 24 volts and 97 and 120 dbca.

These alarms have universal mounting brackets which helps in maximizing location options and are also compact in size.The epoxy encapsulated circuit board and rugged durability protects/shields the alarm from vibration and moisture as they have glass filled nylon housings .

The grill design of backup alarms is most suitable for high pressure wash and also meets the requirements of SAEJ994.

These alarms are protected from reverse polarity and voltage spikes. Ecco’s back up alarms are cost effective without compromising an quality standards.

Our back up alarms meet OSHA, CE, EMC and UL Certifications and also certified to SAE J994 standards for reversing alarms recognized by OEM’S worldwide. Ecco backup alarms are environment  sensitive and reset the volume as per requirement so they can be heard but at the same time are not too loud.

Features :

  • Resistant to dust, water, vibration, high pressure washing and steam washing.
  • Dual voltage (12-24 VDC).
  • Forklift alarms operating on 48V dc also available
  • Range of sound levels available from 85 db to 112 db.
  • Reverse polarity protected.
  • “Smart Alarm” (detects the surrounding sound and produces 5db more).

Applications :

– Mining


– Buses & Coaches

– Material Handling


– Ports

– Off Shore Industries

400 Series


Grommet Mount

Reverse mounted speaker protects against dust, moisture & vibration.

Directs warning to rear of vehicle  fits standard 4.5″ rear lighting grommet.

500 Series


SAE J994 Type B CE, e

  • Compact design and universal mounting maximizes location options stud terminal connection/Slef grounding Encapsulated electronics extend product life.

700 Series


SAE J994 Type A,B,C CE, E

OEM popular design SA920  includes protective grille stud terminal connection Encapsulated electronics extend product life

800 Series


SAE J994 Type A CE,e

Reverse mounted speaker protects against dust, moisture & vibration.

Designed for demanding applications Encapsulated electronics extend product life.

Automotive & Buses, Construction