Product / System Installation Every need is different; every vehicle is different but safety means the same everywhere – free from harm.
Our expert service team understands your requirements first and then provides a solution, unique and fitting, to your vehicle and industry. The end result, however, is the same – safety from all harm.
Before installing any system, our team inspects your equipment to ensure that all components are calibrated with the new system. Our excellent customer service stands out just like our solutions do.
AMC We believe in building long term relationships with our customers. We focus on your requirements and only yours. AMC with us means never having to worry about your equipment and the systems installed. Our services include :

  • Periodic diligence of compliance with the safety standards of DGMS
  • Timely checking of installed systems
  • Dedicated service expert at the site for system maintenance
  • Customised suggestion curated for your equipment and budget
What differentiates us from everyone else in the industry is our exceptional strength of service experts :

  • 96 - Guaranteed commencement of installation of products within 96 hours of delivery of the shipment.
  • Annual visit - Absolutely free annual visit by our service experts once a year.
  • Our immediate response team will contact within 24 hours of communication of any grievance.